If you want to know how to give road head to your man in a way that will turn him on more than ever while staying safe, then read this article completely.

A lot of both men and women think the goal of road head is to give pleasure to your guy and get him off…

Not only is this a pain for us, but it’s also extremely dangerous.

Keep It Safe…

Most guys after ejaculating want nothing more than to go to sleep, and if he’s behind the wheel, this could lead to some potential problems.

A lot of guys also close their eyes during sex and especially oral sex. It might sound stupid to do this while getting head on the go but it’s not a conscious thing we do.

I did this once and had to make the girl stop because she was so dam good at it and I was more focused on her and my “manhood” than the road.

The goal of road head should be 2 fold: To make your ride a little more interesting, and to tease him and build some anticipation for the next time you’re together.

Your man should be focused more on his driving then what you’re doing.

If you don’t trust that he’s able to do this while you’re doing your thang, Don’t Do IT!

It’s got to be a tease!

The first time I ever got a blowjob while driving, we were only about 2 minutes from our destination so it only lasted for about 30 seconds.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day long… It drove me crazy!

And when we finally got home, it wasn’t long until we were both devouring each other.

This is not the time to pull out your best move and try to make him cum…

You want to make him want it so bad (without actually giving it to him), that he pulls over somewhere so you can get busy.

Here’s How To Do It

If your hand isn’t already holding his or touching him anywhere, start.

Start playing with his hair, rubbing his neck or leg while you stare at him with a lustful image of what you really want going on in your mind.

Then, just as you reach for his penis, surprise him with a naughty comment.

Talking dirty to your man is easy. We guys are very visual creatures so give us something to picture.

Tell Him How Much You Want Him

Tell him that your clit is throbbing for him and you just can’t wait to jump him.

Keep talking dirty to him for a few minutes at least. Remember, you want to tease him.

As your rubbing him and getting a little closer, you could lean in closer to him and whisper some of your dirty desires into his ear.

Keep an eye on him and make sure he’s doing a good job of driving while you’re still in this stage.

A great way to tease your man with a blow job is by making him wonder if he’s going to get one.

You do this by putting your face close to his exposed man parts without actually touching them. Doing this for just 20 to 30 seconds while you keep fondling him and talking dirty is a sure-fire way to get him riled up like crazy.

Give Him One Big Lick

Remember; Teasing? Then come back up to his ear and say something like I don’t know if this is a good idea…

Wait for his (most certainly approving) response and then just dive on down there like you can’t control yourself.

Don’t do it for too long, just long enough to get him hard as a rock and then keep lightly stroking him for a bit.

If you really want to get him going, once you come up off him, just stop! Don’t touch him, don’t kiss him and don’t say anything. Just sit back in your seat as if nothing ever happened.

After doing this just a couple of times, you’ll be able to judge if he could handle a “finishing“ blowjob while driving and still keep total control of his driving.

If not, then you’ll just have to use this as a way to make sure you get some action once you finally get home.

If you want to learn exactly how to make your man fall into blow job heaven, check out the best head ever guide.


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